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The School:

> ILSS is a well-established language school in Bari offering a range of courses, extensive and customized to meet the needs of all. The unique teaching and learning approach is achieved by adapting to their students and their needs. All courses are taught by qualified native English teachers using innovative methodologies.

> The faculty has a long experience not only in teaching English as a foreign language, but also of the world of business and commerce. The high-quality service and a wide range of learning solutions have enabled the organization to count the National Centre for Research, the Region of Puglia, and several local schools among its clients amongst others.
> The technology that permeates every aspect of our lives also plays a fundamental role in the learning environment, therefore, expect to find a computer with internet connection in every classroom - which is connected either to a widescreen TV or overhead projector.

> The Teaching:

> Teachers must be committed to delivering high quality lessons to young children, teenagers and adults at any linguistic level and have excellent knowledge of the Trinity and Cambridge University exams. Areas in which teachers will be involved include the following:
 • General English (adults)
 • General English (children)  • Group lessons
 • Examination classes
 • One to one lessons, ESP/Business English

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